Stop Adult-Oriented Advertisements

Internet Porn on Child’s Computer

How do you block pornographic ads from a family PC?

Our family maintains a personal computer for common usage in the den of our home.  Each user has his or her own Windows account.  My wife and young daughter were on the web together, using the daughter’s account, working on a homework project.  They were searching on Google for the answers to simple science questions.  Suddenly a small area opened in their browser, presenting a pornographic ad.  My daughter was disturbed, and of course my wife was angry.  My wife pressed ahead to complete the homework project, and did not keep a record of the incident.

My subsequent investigation has not revealed for certain how this offense happened.  Maybe a form of spyware has invaded the machine.  Or maybe Google sent the girls to a dangerous site.

At any rate, I installed Cyberpatrol, and set it to block sexually-oriented material from my daughter’s windows account.  I set Cyberpatrol to monitor (keep a log of) the sites that it blocked.

Then I logged into my daughter’s account, opened the web browser, and revisited many of the sites listed in the browser’s History menu.

I could see in the History menu the sites my wife and daughter had been visiting at time in question.  When I clicked on the URL for one of the sites, Cyberpatrol presented me this image, indicating it had blocked the site.


That suggests strong suspicions about the site. . . .After clicking on lots of other sites in the History menu, I checked Cyberpatrol’s monitor control, which showed me that Cyberpatrol had blocked three sites.


Cyberpatrol uses its own Internet crawler called SiteCAT to inspect and categorize sites.

My wife approves.

–Ben Wright


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